First Post!

This is my official first post on Sweet Potato Fitness!

For now, I’m just writing to talk a little about what I want this blog to be like. Later I will write up my workout from yesterday, which was a great little routine for recovering from all of the Holiday feasting that went on over the weekend 😉

As far as the fitness portion of the blog, I plan on posting most of my workouts. I’ll post them in a way that will make it easy to print the workouts and try them out on your own if that’s something you’d like to do! And if you do try any of the workouts, let me know in the comments what you thought and how you felt after…sore, not sore, happy, not happy, etc. Also, since I enjoy outdoor fitness activities such as hiking and biking, I’ll post reviews of anywhere that I go (once it gets warm enough). This way, if any readers are traveling to VT or live in the area, this can be a resource as far as where you can go to be active!

Lastly, I will post about food! These posts might include a new recipe that I have tried or created, a restaurant review, or something nutrition-based.

Alright, I will be back later with my first workout post!


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