Springtime Gym Goals: Abs

When it gets to be spring, I start evaluating my fitness goals. After wearing puffy winter coats and sweatshirts for the last hmmm 4 months (New England people know how that is) and celebrating quite a few holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc.), spring is the time when I begin thinking about how I’m going to feel in a swimsuit over the summer. So it makes sense that this is when I try to clean up my diet a little and move towards more “Swimsuit-y” exercises.

SO I called today’s workout the “Springtime ‘Get-Your-Abs-Back’ Workout.”

Springtime Abs
Because this is a workout meant to tone and uncover your Abs after a loooong winter, I recommend pairing it with 45 minutes to an hour of cardio. I did 30 minutes of biking and 30 minutes on the elliptical. The Abs portion took about 15minutes so it’s pretty quick but it gets those muscles working! All of the moves can be done with just your body-weight but I like to hold a weight while doing the Oblique Extension 🙂

As important as abdominal workouts are when trying to get your ideal beach body, nutrition is just as important – if not MORE important!

Here are a few things that I like to do to clean up my eating habits:

-Instead of my typical toast + peanut butter at breakfast, have fruit+ peanut butter most days
-Eat fruit + nuts or yogurt for snacks instead of Easter candy and/or graham crackers (ahem)
-Drink more water! Water is very important in terms of digestion and cleansing your body so I drink a lot of it when I’m trying to tone up
-Increase my vegetable portions at lunch and dinner

In other news, something exciting happened today!

My ACSM Personal Trainer study materials arrived!! I am very excited to start studying all of this material. I’m going to make up a little study schedule for myself tonight and get right into it tomorrow. Yay for moving forward with plans.

OK well if anyone tries the springtime Abs workout, let me know how it goes! And feel free to share any tips that you have for cleaning up your diet in preparation for summer clothes and beach time! Woo Hoo!


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