Lower Body Workout

Well, it’s finally getting to be in the high 40’s most days here in Vermont which feels pretty nice!
It’s always a relief when you realize there is a decreased likelihood that it will snow and that 50 and even 60 degree weather is right around the corner.

With that said, it’s almost shorts weather so lower body exercises are in order!

Today’s workout started with 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical. Because it was a “legs day” I increased the intensity of both the bike and the elliptical by 3 levels so that it would really get my legs working before I moved on to the weights. I like to tailor the warm-up to the type of workout I’m doing because it makes the warm-up feel more important that way 🙂

Once my legs were feelin’ warmed up and ready, I did the “Lower Body Legs & Buns Burner” workout!


A few notes about the moves:
-I did the first 3 moves holding two 20lb dumbells in each hand and actually did 20 toe raises (aka calf raises) because I didn’t feel the first 10. The rest of the moves were done either with bodyweight or on a machine.

-For the standing leg circles, it’s important to tighten your core and keep your upper body tensed while doing the circles. That way you can be sure that your gluteus muscles are the only muscles being used to move your leg…

-The heel raises (while in bridge): I thought this move could use some explaining. You start out in bridge position as seen in the following picture…

Then just raise your heels up and lower them down for one rep. If you are really not feeling the burn, simply lift one foot off the floor and straighten that leg so that you are lifting one heel up at a time.

This set of moves targets your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.The second set of exercises (leg circles, leg lifts, and clamshells) was pretty intense for me. It definitely got things working and I think I’ll be a little sore tomorrow. Sounds good to me!

So let me know if you try this workout and how you liked it!!


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