Pre-Weekend Workouts and Nutrition

Happy Friday!
This is an especially exciting Friday for me because I have a friend visiting from out of town for the night. Our plans are dinner & drinks and enjoying being in Burlington with the warmer weather…although I think there may be rain in the forecast 😦 Oh well!

Weekends are so much fun because you get to to meet up with friends, get things done (like laundry…) and just relax at the end of the week, which is always good. On a day like today when I know I’m going to be partaking in weekend evening activities like eating tasty food and enjoying a beer or two, I try to make sure that two things happen throughout the day leading up to the nighttime fun.

1. Make healthy food & drink choices throughout the day
-For me, this means having a healthy breakfast, clean snacks such as fruit and nuts, and drinking lots of water… more than usual 😉


This is my 33oz water bottle that I bring everywhere!! I’ll drink about 3 of these today 😉

2. Quality workout
– Plenty of cardio
– Upper or lower-body weights plus Abs

With that said, here’s today’s workout:

I warmed up with a quick 2 miles on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the bike.

This workout alternates between upper-body exercises and abdominal exercises. It works the chest, upper back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and abs. As usual, I did the workout in groups, taking small breaks between each group…so I completed all three sets of both the dumbell fly and the single-arm row, rested for a minute, then moved on to the next set of exercises.
The reverse crunch and v-up were really tough and I’ll definitely be doing these more often. Whew!

In Personal Trainer news, I’ve been reading, taking notes, and making flash cards for a few hours each day. It’s all really interesting information and the books are very well-written. I just finished reading all about joints and am about to start reading the section on skeletal muscle for a few hours until my friend arrives!

Have a great Friday! If you’re going out tonight, remember to stay hydrated and eat clean throughout the day so you can enjoy your night out!


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