Restaurant Reviews and Total Body Workout

Quick weekend update:
-Friday night out with my friend was quite nice and I was glad that I had adapted my workout and eating plans accordingly because the night included some pretty tasty (and filling) tacos as well as a delicious margarita and a beer 🙂

-Saturday started with Breakfast out and ended with a movie (G.I. Joe) in the evening.

-Sunday was all about recovery and getting ready for the week. I went for a long walk in the morning, did some studying and cleaning during the day, then made a verrry tasty dinner:


Maple mesquite grilled chicken, baked potato with some cabot cheddar sprinkled on top, and peas!!

And now we’re into Monday! But before I get into my workout for today, I’ll do a quick review of the two restaurants that I went to over the weekend.


1.) Dinner at El Gato Cantina:
-Highlights – $7 Margarita in a pint glass. It’s the cheapest margarita on their extensive list and, in my opinion, the best one.  Free chips and salsa – surprisingly garlicky salsa but very good.

-Atmosphere – young and fun. There are lots of fun little “nook-like” places to be seated and there is a really cozy waiting area where you can sit with friends and order a drink while you wait for your table to be ready. There is also a bar where you can do the same thing.

-Food – I have had almost all of their tacos but my favorite, and one of the tacos I ate on Friday, is the Taco Mole Pollo. It’s a chicken taco with mole sauce on top and you can get it in either a flour or corn tortilla. I recommend the corn. The sauce is a nice balance of sweet and savory and goes so nicely with the shredded chicken. Yum!
I also tried the Taco de Barbacoa, a braised beef taco with cilantro, onions, and salsa. It had a nice little spicy kick and went well with my chicken taco 🙂
As far as other food, the taco salad is pretty good…although I’m not sure it’s worth almost $12…and the chicken burrito is giant but good as well.

-Cost – This place is very affordable, especially if you opt out of the margarita and just stick to the $3-$4 tacos

2. Breakfast at Magnolia Bistro:
-Highlights – Green Restaurant Association Certified! 90% of their waste is either composted or recycled and all of their grains and soy products are organic. Oh and they have a full bar, if morning drinking is your thing 😉

-Atmosphere – Bright, fun, clean. There is plenty of seating and although it was a Saturday morning at 9am, we did not have to wait to be seated.

-Food – I have eaten here a few times and have tried quite a few of their menu items. All were fantastic with the exception of the veggie hash. Some of my favorites include the banana bread (as a starter), oatmeal pancakes, California omlette, and Vermont omlette. On Saturday, I went with The Classic, which is just two eggs, toast, homefries, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or veggie sausage. I chose bacon and let me just say, it was a very good choice. The Classic is pretty perfect – not too much food but all of the best breakfast tastes on one plate. As a potato lover, I think you can trust me when I say that the homefries at Magnolia are pretty amazing.

-Cost – Reasonable. Coffee is $1.50 and my meal cost $6.25, which I think is pretty good, especially considering you are getting all of the best and freshest ingredients!

OK moving on to workouts!! Today’s workout started out with 2 miles of running on the treadmill. I was planning on doing another 15 minutes of cardio on the bike or elliptical but the gym was surprisingly crowded today so I skipped it and went straight for the weights. Here’s what I did:

Total Body Strength Workout

I’m not sure why this picture is showing up so small…but if you click on it, you can see a larger version that is much easier to read.

The workout is split up into four sections based on the area of your body being used. The first section works your arms, the second works the lower body, the third is focused on abdominal muscles,
  and the final section works the shoulders and back.
Because you are only doing two sets instead of the usual three, this might be a good workout to try heavier weights. By using the heavier weights on a day when you are doing fewer sets, you reduce your risk of injury while getting your muscles used to lifting heavier!

So let me know if you try this workout and, if so, how it went!

Have a happy Monday!



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