Good Posture Workout


I didn’t end up having time to write this post yesterday because I was on my way to NY! No, not the city — the country 🙂

Anyway, I have arrived at my destination and can now share the “Good Posture Workout” with you! So on Wednesday, I said that people who sit at a desk or at a computer (or both) all day would appreciate this workout. That’s because it works all of the muscles that need to be strong in order for you to have good posture!

While studying my ACSM Personal Trainer books, I read that along with sitting bent over a desk for long periods of time, another cause of bad posture is over-development of the anterior (front) deltiod (shoulder muscles) in comparison with the posterior (rear) deltoid muscles.

Posterior Deltoid

Posterior Deltoid Muscles

This means that, because your rear deltoid muscles are weaker than the front, the anterior deltoids can easily pull your shoulders forward while the posterior deltoids can’t stop it from happening.

SO with this workout, you will be working your posterior deltoids, trapezius muscles, and your rhomboid muscles. These three muscles are essential to having good posture 🙂

Here it is:

 Good Posture Workout

So try this workout if you’re feeling that you need to straighten up your posture and let me know how it goes! I did it yesterday and I am definitely sore today which, as you know, makes it a winner!

Oh and I also wanted to say a quick thank you to my followers! Sweet Potato Fitness has been up for more than 10 days now and I am so excited to see that people have been reading my posts!! It makes me feel  like I’m not just talking to “the internet” with no one actually reading or benefiting from what I’m saying. So thank you!!

Have a great FRIDAY everyone!!

(Fun plans for the weekend?? Share them in  the comments!)


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