Beautiful Spring Days

Hello! What a beautiful day yesterday was here in VT!


Wednesdays are kind of my “do whatever” day when it comes to working out. I don’t typically go to the gym but if I feel like doing some yoga at home or going for a walk, I’ll do that 🙂 Or if I feel like resting, that’s fine too! It’s nice to have a flexible day because it allows me to really listen to what my body wants without following any workout “rules”.

SO what did I feel like doing on such a beautiful warm sunny day as yesterday?? Running!
I have been dealing with some ITB  (Iliotibial Band) pain lately and have been trying to keep my running at a 2-mile maximum just to allow things to heal. So when I went out for my run, I decided to keep things easy and to told myself that if I felt any pain, I would stop.

A few nice things about running in Burlington:
-You can make your run as hilly or as flat as you want depending on which  roads you turn onto. Stay on one road the whole time and you can have a long flat run. Turn up onto say Cliff Street, for example, and you’ve got yourself one steep hill!
-If you find that you need to use the bathroom after a few minutes of running, like I did, you can pop into the mall quickly and be back on your way in no time 😉
-The bike path! It’s a great way to avoid the traffic of the city and to take in some pretty fantastic scenery while running!



Both of these pictures were taken at the lake and are examples of the views that you can enjoy from the bike path!
I definitely recommend taking a stroll or going for a jog down by the lake if you’re spending some time in Burlington 🙂

I didn’t end up feeling any pain and by the time I got back to my car, I had run 3.5 miles! Pretty exciting considering a few weeks ago I couldn’t run more than 1.3 miles without my knee being in serious pain.
Spring running is such a treat after months of cold, windy, snowy days.

Maybe later today but probably tomorrow, I’ll be posting a lower body workout that I’m going to be doing at the gym today!

Have a great day everyone! (one more day till Friday, Yay!!)


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