Total Body Circuit Workout!

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I hope everyone is getting some sunshine today 🙂

You can see by the brightness in the windows behind me that it’s quite the nice day here in VT! Sun is good 🙂

So, I am quite sore today which means I have a successful workout to share!  My inner thighs and obliques are really feelin’ it after yesterday’s workout.

Mondays are “Total Body” days for me and lately I have been really excited about doing cardio moves throughout strength training sessions to fight boredom and to make things more effective as far as fat-burning.

totalbodystrength&cardioTotal Body Strength & Cardio Workout – Works your entire body while keeping your heart rate up even during strength moves. This workout is split up into 5 parts, each one containing 3 strength moves and 2 cardio moves. Each part focuses on a particular area of the body, arms, back, legs, abs, and buns. The cardio moves are not body part-specific so if you don’t like the “Plank Hip Taps”, for example, replace them with another one of the cardio moves. As long as you’re doing something to keep your heart rate elevated, the workout will be effective.

I started out planning on doing only one round of this workout but ended up doing each part twice, except for the arms for some reason.

For a warm-up, I biked for 15 minutes on the “Hills” setting and ran for 15 minutes between 7.5 and 8 mph.

Explanation of Movements – I worry sometimes that the names that I use for moves might be different from what other people have heard…or that I have made up the names of some exercises and people read them and think “what in the world is that?” SO here are a few explanations:

T-Push Up – Do a push up (knees or toes), then transition into a side plank. Alternate sides. One side = 1 repetition.

Plank Hip Taps – In plank position (on elbows), twist your torso and dip down so that one hip lightly taps the floor. Twist to the other side and tap your other hip to the floor. Two taps = 1 repetition.

Jump Legs In & Out –  In a squat position with your legs bent at ~90 degrees and your feet shoulder-width apart, jump your feet wide, then back to starting position. Stay low! Jump out & Back = 1 repetition

Spider Man Mountain Climbers – Like a regular mountain climber but take your knees just outside your elbows instead of right under your body. One leg then the other = 1 repetition

Lunge to Knee-Up – Step back into a lunge (reverse lunge) then when coming back up to stand, take the back leg and propel the knee upward. You can do a little jump here if you want 😉 Then step that same leg back into a lunge. To this 10x for each leg. (Click for an informative video to further explain)

If you are wondering about any of the other moves, a quick YouTube search usually does the trick 🙂

Alright, I’m off to continue studying my ACSM books. Have a great Tuesday!


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