Abs Circuit

I am very excited to report that I wore shorts today! It’s finally warm enough to leave the house wearing shorts and sandals without worrying that your legs and toes will freeze 😀

Today is my active rest day so I won’t be going to the gym but will probably head out for a nice easy trail ride later this afternoon. Can’t stay inside on a day like today!!

Yesterday’s exercise had two parts…

Part 1.)   An Abs workout at the gym!

Abs + Cardio Circuit 2

As with most of my latest workouts, this one combines abdominal moves with cardio bursts to keep your heart pumping throughout the workout! I did a 30 minute warm up on the bike before tackling this workout. The toughest part for me was definitely the Plank/Half-Burpee section. OH man, my shoulders and abs were burning by the third round!!

Part 2.) Running!
By the time the afternoon came around, the weather had gotten so nice that I decided to go for a run. I ran a loop around Burlington that ended up being around 2.6 miles. I  ran nice and easy just taking in the scenery and enjoying being outside 🙂 As if I haven’t emphasized this enough, running in Burlington is SO nice!! Everyone was out yesterday and it was nice to be among many other runners 🙂

I hope you all get the chance for a great workout today!!


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