Where Have I Been?! (Plus TWO new workouts!)

Good Afternoon Fit People!!
It feels a little weird to write this post because I haven’t written in SO long!! Months!! So I guess I’ll do a really quick update on my life and why I have been so absent on my blog.

So for the summer, I actually moved to central New York with the intention of living there for 3 years while my boyfriend finished up some post-graduate school…and all summer we did lots of fun things like mountain biking, road biking (a new hobby for me and so much fun!), running, Boston for July 4th, went to the beach, and just enjoyed the warm weather. I even got a job working at a book store while I tried to find a job in my field (which is Environmental Science). I tried really hard to make central NY a place that I could stay for 3 years but by the end of September, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wasn’t finding anything in the way of job prospects, I just wasn’t really feelin’ the area I lived in, and I really REALLY missed Vermont. SO, I came back. I am unemployed right now but have a few job possibilities on the horizon and, most importantly, I am SO happy 😀

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you didn’t follow through with your “plan” but I choose to look at this as a both learning experience and as an opportunity for growth. The learning part is that I now know that I can’t live somewhere that doesn’t have all of the things I like to do! For example, I really missed hiking and being able to pick a dirt road and just go for a walk. I also missed the people in VT and all of the little pokey stores and fun restaurants and the night life in Burlington. The opportunity part is that with all of my free time (what with being unemployed and all 😉 ) I have plenty of time to focus on my fitness and being super-healthy! Until I eventually do get a job, I’ll be doing lots of exercise all day and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes!! Although it’s tough to be in a long-distance relationship, that’s also kind of like a new opportunity as well – my boyfriend and I get to plan visits and get excited for when we do get to see each other 😀

So that’s my life at the moment! And because this is Sweet Potato FITNESS and not just Sweet Potato blab all about my life, I will share with you my workout from today!!

I started off the day with some Abs by following a few Ab-focused videos from my FAVORITE Youtube fitness guru Blogilates (try her videos, she’s amazing, upbeat, and TOUGH!)
After helping my Dad with a top-secret Christmas project 😉 I headed out to the gym for a cardio and leg/buns workout!

I don’t go to the gym every day because it’s about 25 mins from my house and I’m trying to save on gas…so when I DO go to the gym, I like to do a solid cardio session as well as weights. Gotta make good use of all that equipment while I’m there!

SO the cardio part of the workout looked like this:

Image I like to do a quick and tough workout on the treadmill as often as I can and this one was perfect! It got me sweaty and all warmed up so that I was ready for the next step of the workout 😀

After running, I did an awesome lower-body strength routine that BURNED! I called it the Hottie Pa-Tottie Buns Workout because if you do these moves, you’ll surely get some hottie pa-totties lookin’ at your buns 😉

Here are the details:

ImageLike the spacey background? I love it! I want a pair of leggings with an outer space design on them…Christmas list, here I come!

OK well I hope whoever is reading this will try the workout and tell me what you think of it!! I’m hoping to be sore in the buns area tomorrow 😉

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!
Keep fit and stay happy!


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