Treadmill Workout and What to Wear for New Year’s!

Good Evening and Happy Wednesday!!
I hope everyone’s having a great day so far 🙂 It was a little warmer out today so that made me quite happy!
Can you believe Christmas is only one week away!?! It is coming up so quickly!! Luckily, I only have one more gift to buy – a Sudoku book for my Grandfather 😉

While I am very excited for Christmas and all that goes with it (Family, Cookies, Egg Nog, Etc), I am super excited for New Year’s this year!! I’m going to Montreal and it will be my first New Year’s spent in a large city! I’ve spent the Holiday in Cambridge just outside Boston, but that wasn’t too huge. I think Montreal will be really fun!!

I spent this afternoon choosing my outfit and hairstyle for the evening. I love a good night of dressing up because I rarely wear dresses/skirts/fancy shoes in my day-to-day life 😉 Should be fun!!
Here’s one of the hairstyles that I tried:

Where are you celebrating New Year’s and What are you wearing??




Sooo today was an at-home Pilates kind of morning followed by a trip to the gym for some cardio. I decided to do a treadmill workout that combined hill repeats and sprint intervals. I wanted my buns to get a really good workout and what’s better for your buns than running uphill? 😀

These kinds of workouts go by so quickly since you’re always getting ready for the next repeat or sprint! It’s a great way to spend a good 35-40 minutes on the treadmill without getting bored.

SO here’s the complete workout!


The speed and incline can be adjusted according to your fitness level. If you want more of a hill sprint, just run up the hill at a faster pace. I am trying to work on keeping my speed up while running up hills so I just left my speed at 6.8 throughout all of the intervalls 😀

OK off to make some dinner! Let me know if you try this workout!!

Have a great night 😀


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