Hills & Sprints Ladder Workout

Good Evening!!
I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday time!!
I have had a great couple of days filled with family time, cooking fun food, and giving presents to people. They always say that giving makes you feel good and it’s so true. When you know you have picked out a perfect gift for someone, it feels so nice to watch them open it and to see how happy it makes them!

The weather was beautiful all week; some days snowy, other days sunny through the snow-covered trees!

ImageThis is my back yard on Christmas Eve morning 🙂 Very pretty sunrise!

And here are a few of the gifts that I received on Christmas! The top left is a dvd of one of my top two favorite Christmas movies!! My other favorite is Santa Clause is Coming to Town 😀
I can’t wait to start reading these two books!! Good thing I’m still unemployed and currently have lots of reading time 😀


There was an amazing sunset yesterday that I had to take a picture of because it was cloudy ALL day up until 4:30 when the sun went down.

Because we have had quite a lot of snow in VT over the past few days, my gym routine has been a little thrown-off. But that’s ok! It’s good to switch things up every now and then 😉

I did end up making it into town today and did an awesome treadmill workout that I am excited to share!

By the end of the workout, I was red-faced and dripping with sweat, which is not so attractive, but I’d rather feel like I did a solid workout than feel pretty at the end 😉

SO here’s what I did!
ImageThis is similar to the last treadmill workout that I did, except that this one is a “Ladder” workout, meaning that the intervals get progressively harder, then progressively easier. So with the hills, I started with an incline of 5, maxed out at an incline of 6, then went back down to 5. Same thing with the sprints – I started at 8mph, worked up to 9mph, then went back down to 8. I also made my recovery time a little quicker by running at 7mph between all intervals rather than 6.8, which is what I did in the last workout.
And let me tell you, that extra 0.2 mph really makes a difference!!

You can alter the workout to match your fitness level. If you love sprinting, do all of the sprints a little faster than what I did! If you would rather run steeper hills or run the hills faster, just change it up so that it fits your needs 😀

If you do try this workout, let me know what you think!!

OK well Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 😀


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