Finding time for the Gym while working full-time

Hello dedicated readers!

Well, I finally did it – I got myself a job. I am so happy to be back in the working world with a steady schedule, a reason to leave the house every day, and a paycheck.
All very good things 😀

I have been working for three weeks now and I am finally starting to feel like I’ve found my work/gym balance. The first week was rough and I felt like all I was doing every day was going to the gym, coming home, cooking dinner, packing my lunch and gym bag for the next day, and crashing into bed. I have streamlined my routine over the last three weeks, though, and I am really starting to enjoy it!!

SO, here are some of my tips for finding time for the gym!

1.) Go to your gym at different times during the day to see when it is the least-busy.

On my first day of work, I decided to try going to the gym after work around 5pm. Bad idea. It was SO busy that I couldn’t do the workout that I had planned. Luckily, I had already biked on my indoor trainer before work so I didn’t need to do any cardio, which turned out to be a good thing because there were NO free cardio machines!! None!
I decided that I couldn’t handle going to the gym after work again. The stress of potentially having to change my workout plans upon arrival at the gym is too much for me.

The next day, I left my house at 5:15am, arrived at the gym around 5:45am and walked into a nice and quiet scene with plenty of open cardio and weight machines. Although I don’t LOVE getting up so early, I find that the benefits outweigh the costs and 5:45am is my new gym-time 😀

**Bonus: If you’re close to the gym or if you have a shower at work, consider doing a lunchtime workout!! It’s a really nice way to break up the day and get moving.

2.) Pack your breakfast and lunch at night.

If I had to cook and pack my breakfast and lunch  in the morning before leaving the house, I’d have to get up at least 30 minutes earlier than I do… and that’s not okay with me. haha. Even if I wasn’t going to the gym in the morning, I wouldn’t want the stress of trying to make food before leaving the house.
Instead, I pack my lunchbox while I’m cooking dinner! Might as well multitask while I’m in the kitchen, right? Any leftovers from my dinner go straight into my lunchbox for lunch the next day. Very easy. And my breakfast is typically overnight oats that are really easy to throw together 😉

3.) Choose your work outfit and gym clothes at night.

I pick my work outfit at night because I am a serious second-guesser when choosing what to wear. I usually try on 3 different outfits before landing on a winner. If I waited until the morning to choose my outfit, I’d never make it to work on-time, let alone the gym.
I put my work outfit in my gym bag and I set my gym outfit on top of my dresser. That way, all I have to do when my alarm goes off is hop (or crawl) out of bed and get dressed!

SOOO those are my tips for making time for the gym  even when you’re busy and working a full-time job.

Moving on – I have a workout to share!! It’s another treadmill workout that is great for days when you get to the gym and just feel blah and not interested in running.

Feeling Blah Treadmill Workout

I called the “Easy-Does-It” workout. I created it on a day when I stepped onto the treadmill with the intent of completing a 30 minute run and immediately experienced this feeling of dread. Suddenly, running for 30 minutes was the LAST thing I wanted… This doesn’t happen very often so I decided to just go with it. I thought a walk/run workout sounded a little less daunting so this was the result! It starts off with two minutes of walking and includes six 2-minute walking intervals over 30 minutes. Knowing that I would be walking for a bit after each 8mph interval was so comforting. It took all of the pressure out of my workout and allowed me to just enjoy moving, which was really nice.

SO if you feel yourself really not wanting to run non-stop but you still want a good workout, try this out! The intervals keep your mind busy and the 30 minutes are over before you know it 😉

Alright, I hope everyone’s having a great day and staying safe during this crazy snow storm!! (we’ve already gotten about a foot of snow here in VT, which I really wasn’t expecting).

Happy FRIDAY!!!


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