About Me


Me with a cat ūüėÄ

Welcome to Sweet Potato Fitness!

My name is Catriona (pronounced like Katrina), a 25 year old self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast living in Vermont! I strive to live a life filled with healthy food and fun exercise and I love talking about eating and working out. I felt that I needed an outlet through which I could share all of my thoughts and ideas. Sweet Potato Fitness is my way of sharing what I think and learn about keeping in shape and living a full, happy life.

Happy Life Theory

My opinion is that as long as you eat clean and exercise regularly, you can easily eat a fun treat every now and then while still staying in shape. Personally, I cannot imagine life without my two favorite foods: Potatoes (in any form, but mashed is my favorite) and Chocolate (Lake Champlain Chocolates all the way!).

My Fitness History

My interest in fitness began when I was 14. I signed up for the cross country running team at my high school, not knowing exactly how much running I would be doing, and I was definitely unprepared! Once I got used to the activity level; however, I started to love running. I also competed on the track team and the Nordic ski team but cross country was my favorite, by far.

Right before starting my freshman year of college, I injured one of my toes (ahh!!) and was unable to run for four months. Although I was devastated at the time, I am now thankful for the experience because it showed me that there is more to exercise than just running. Over those four months, I took a Pilates class, experimented with free weights a little, played some tennis, and biked. Not running all the time allowed me to round out my exercise routine which is something I definitely needed!

Now that I am 3 years out of college (eeek!), I still love running but I have broadened my horizons quite a bit . I now focus much more on strength training than I used to by making sure I lift weights and/or do Pilates workouts to tone and strengthen my body at least three times each week. If it’s cold out and I can’t get to the gym for cardio, I love doing circuit/HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to get my heart pumping! I also practice yoga almost daily and I feel that I have really benefited from the whole mind-body connection that goes along with it. It has been really fun for me to learn more about mindfulness and meditation through the practice of yoga and I often have “deep thoughts” that I may randomly share here ūüôā

Fast-forward to today –¬† ¬† I recently made the decision to make fitness a bigger part of my life and become an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer!! I am very excited about this decision because I think it fits my personality and my interests. I plan on studying throughout the winter and taking the exam sometime next summer…I’ll make a more solid goal once I get a better idea of how long I’ll need to study!

Random Things About Me!

Favorite Food(s): Potatoes and Chocolate…but also, apples, pears, peanut/almond butter, pie, smoothies, turkey burgers, spaghetti & meatballs, roasted chicken, tea…and many others!

Interests: Running, Mountain Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Gym-Going, Hiking, Cooking (or at least trying to cook…), Knitting (check out my Etsy store HarmoniousHeadware!), Guitar-Playing, Golden Retrievers…

Music: Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin is my absolute fav); Rap (Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj); ¬†80’s/90’s (C&C Music Factory, Michael Jackson, Jock Jams)

And now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope you enjoy reading about my day-to-day activities and thoughts!



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