Post-Holiday (Easter) Workout: This workout is great for getting back into the swing of things after eating chocolate bunnies and Cadbury creme eggs all weekend 🙂

Springtime “Get Your Abs Back” Workout: Ready to start thinking about wearing your swimsuit on the beach? This workout is  a great start after a long winter where doing Ab work maybe hasn’t been a priority 😉

Lower Body Legs & Buns Burner: Shorts season is coming up! Tone your Legs and Buns with this strength workout!

Abs, Arms, and Upper Body Workout: This workout alternates between arm/upper body moves and abdominal moves.

Total Body Strength Workout: Tone your Abs, Arms, Back, Shoulders, and Legs with this total body workout.

Good Posture Workout: Most people spend a good amount of time in front of a computer every day. This workout strengthens the muscles that you need to maintain good posture!

Over-Before-You-Know-It Weekend Workout: Away for the weekend and need to do a workout that is quick but tough? This circuit workout gets your heart rate up and is perfect for while on vacation when your days are full of fun plans.

Total Body Strength Workout: Another workout that will tone your entire body.

Fat-Burning Abs Circuit: An Abdominal circuit workout that combines cardio moves with ab moves to keep your heart rate elevated for maximum fat-burning.

Upper Body Heavy Weights: Looking to increase the weights that you use for your workouts? This upper body workout contains fewer moves than my other workouts so it is a great way to try out some heavier weights.

Lower Body & Cardio: This workout combines cardio and lower body moves. It will get your legs and buns burning while keeping your heart rate elevated the entire time.

Total Body Strength & Cardio: This workout targets all of the major muscles in your body and includes plenty of cardio moves to keep your heart pumping making sure you’re burning fat while toning your muscles!


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